Top 7 Virtual Data Room Providers In Tech Market

In today’s business, storing data the traditional way in physical storage is long outdated. It can’t keep up with the pace at which companies are moving now, as they need a way to share documents quickly and confidentially, and it takes too long in traditional storage. The advent of virtual data rooms has greatly influenced how data is stored and transferred; these are now the most popular tools for the job and guarantee high security, speed, and efficiency. Below we highlight a list of the best VDR providers in the tech market for 2022.

Ansarada VDR review

Ansarada is a virtual data room solution founded by an Australian developer in 2005. The provider offers VDR services based on artificial intelligence and can support your business at every stage of large and complex transactions. Ansarad’s solution was even awarded the “essential information platform” award because the platform was able to optimize business parameters throughout all phases of transactions. The space is ideally suited for M&A processes because it guarantees a faster and more efficient operation. Nevertheless, Ansarada can be useful in many other cases, such as fundraising, IPO, etc.

Box VDR review

Box is a cloud-based software specializing in enterprise content management and file sharing. Its virtual data room service offers a wide range of features, which includes multiple layers of data protection. Box has many customers around the world, including such large and well-known companies as Apple, IBM, and Microsoft.

EthosData VDR review

EtosData is a British virtual data room provider that has been recognized as a leading provider throughout the market, and to this day, it holds a top position. In addition to VDR services, EtosData has several other products such as boardroom space, fund management, and legal solutions. VDR is also flexible in pricing and has three pricing plans. You can pick the one that best fits your capabilities and business requirements.

Firmex VDR overview

Firmex is a Canadian VDR provider specializing in due diligence and closing mergers and acquisitions. In addition, frequent clients of the provider include the legal industry, investment banks, private equity, venture capital firms, accounting firms, and life sciences institutions. Currently, Firmex VDR serves 140 countries worldwide.

iDeals VDR Overview

iDeals was founded in 2008 in the U.S. and now provides some of the best document management and protection services. Its features include auditing, smart document search, and secure document management services. iDeals is suitable for literally any business sector, offering a simple interface, customizable branding, a question-and-answer section, and advanced security features such as fence view and advanced encryption methods. iDeals VDR primarily specializes in due diligence and M&A.

Datasite Merrill

Datasite has had a colossal experience for over 50 years. The providers mixed this experience with top-notch technology to create a high-secure data room. So, as the vendors say, it focuses on the transaction rather than the data room. Thus, the program offers useful features for smooth due diligence and merger and acquisition. Its unique features are multi-purpose storage, a dedicated query resolution support group, and more.

Donnelly VDR overview

The main industries in which Donnelly specializes are digital marketing, supply chain, and commercial printing. Donnelly VDR is designed to support processes in the financial industry and mergers and acquisitions.